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Welcome To DR3 Recycling!

Recycle your mattress, boxspring, futon mattress or hide-a-bed mattress at the country’s largest mattress recycler!


Through a partnership with local landfills, garbage haulers and transfer stations, DR3 will take your old mattress and deconstruct it by hand. Using this method, 85-90% of a typical mattress can be recycled. Your mattress helps DR3 conserve landfill space, protect the environment, and provide jobs in the community.

Click here for a list of drop-off locations.

We love to partner with mattress retailers, hotels, universities, and other businesses. Click here to learn about what DR3 can do for you.

DR3 was recently featured in a story on National Public Radio.
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Visit the PlanetGreen website for more information and videos about recycling in general, as well as mattress recycling.
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