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DR3 Recycling was founded in San Leandro in 1999 with the goal of recycling mattresses and boxsprings. Working in partnership with local transfer stations, landfills, hotels, retailers, schools, military bases and other businesses, we collect mattresses, boxsprings, futon mattresses and hide-a-bed mattresses for recycling. Beds are disassembled by hand so we can maximize the amount of recyclable material we extract. See our Mattress Recycling FAQ for more details about the mattress recycling process.

When DR3 was founded it was one of the only commercially successful mattress recycling business in North America. It remains one of the largest mattress recyclers in North America. We strive to provide the best in recycling services and customer service., The City and County of San Francisco, The East Bay Community Foundation, The International Sleep Products Association, and the Oakland/Berkeley Recycling Market Development Zone were all instrumental in supporting this business during its start-up phase.

How Does Mattress Recycling Work?

A mattress or boxspring has four primary components: steel, foam, cotton and wood. Each of these components can be recycled.

  • Steel is melted and recast as new items
  • Foam is chipped for use in carpet pad
  • Cotton is used in insulation
  • Wood can be composted or used as fuel

Employees at DR3 split each mattress open and remove the different components, which are baled for recycling. This is preferable to using a shredder, which mixes all the soft materials and makes them harder to recycle. We’ve also found it more cost-effective than using large machinery designed to do a portion of the separation mechanically.

You can also view a brochure about mattress recycling here.